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Simon G. Bradley / CEO-Founder

With more than two decades of expertise in the aggregate industry, Simon hails from Co Donegal, Ireland, where he was born and raised. During his formative years, he immersed himself in the quarry business in his homeland, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the industry from hands-on experiences. Simon's journey involved learning the business from its grassroots, and to this day, his genuine joy is evident when he's donning his boots and navigating through yards or quarries.

Upon relocating to the USA in the early 2000s, Simon extended his education by immersing himself in the fields of demolition and excavating. In 2015, he made a significant stride by acquiring his first McCloskey machine. Encouraged and presented with an opportunity by McCloskey International, Simon seized the moment and established US Equipment Sales and Rentals, assuming the role of a McCloskey Dealer.His firsthand experience as a customer within the industry profoundly influenced the vision for his company. Simon aspired to create a business centered on customer satisfaction, built on the foundation of providing an exceptional customer experience with top-notch products in the marketplace. This ambition became the cornerstone for the establishment and growth of US Equipment Sales and Rentals.

Simon swiftly grasped that running a dealership transcended mere sales; it entailed identifying and delivering solutions to the challenges faced by customers. This realization prompted him to introduce cutting-edge solutions to his clientele, exemplified by the incorporation of high-quality wet washing systems through MWS products.

Addressing the predicament of a troublesome sticky clay material pile occupying precious space in customers' quarries necessitated the adoption of a robust solution. In 2020, Simon partnered with MDS, aligning forces to implement a heavy-duty trommel that effectively resolved the challenge.

Simon and his clients recognized the unique challenge of transporting sizable, heavy machinery across the country, demanding a specialized trailer. This quest led him to discover the premier trailer in the market, prompting the initiation of his dealership with Trail King Industries.

Simon approaches each customer with the same dedication and enthusiasm as if they were his first. His unwavering commitment lies in securing the perfect machine or machines for the job, actively assisting customers in discovering optimal solutions to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their businesses. For Simon, the most gratifying aspect of his business remains the satisfaction derived from aiding customers in overcoming challenges and improving their operations.

Currently, US Equipment Sales and Rentals cater to customers in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

Kevin Kiesgen / General Manager

US Equipment Sales & Rentals is thrilled to welcome Kevin Kiesgen as our new General Manager, further strengthening our expanding team. Kevin spent over a decade with Lippmann and MPP. He is excited about bringing his knowledge and experience to what US Equipment sells and services.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Kevin shared, "I'm ecstatic to be joining a team that is on an upward trajectory. US Equipment remains a standout company in the Aggregate equipment industry, and I am eager to contribute to sustaining and enhancing that growth as General Manager."

We are confident that Kevin's wealth of expertise will play a key role in our continued success.

Bob Meyers / VP of Sales

US Equipment Sales and Rentals proudly introduces Bob Meyers as our new VP of Sales, bringing over 40 years of valuable experience. Excited to contribute his wealth of knowledge to our young, appreciative, and growing team, Bob is thrilled to return to the industry he is passionate about.

"I consider it a privilege to join this dynamic team. Being part of a company that excels in serving our industry is a win for all involved," said Meyers.

A highly motivated individual, Bob finds gratification in helping others grow and creating opportunities for them. He is inspired by the competitive spirit at US Equipment, aligning with the ethos he has followed for many years.

"The synergy with the team's competitive spirit injects renewed enthusiasm and energy, making this an exciting and promising chapter for everyone involved," Meyers added.

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Jonny Bradley, Operations Manager
Alex Cuttitta, Northern Illinois
Justin Walker,  Southern Illinois + Missouri
Steve VandeYacht, Wisconsin & U.P.
Robert Deo, Wisconsin
Vladimir Goberman, Wisconsin
Robert Sandoval, Nebraska
Connor Jankowski, Sales Representative
Teresa R, Sales Support
Ryan Dodge, Service & Warranty Manager
Joey Trutenko, Parts & Service
Alex Foronda, Shop Manager
Adam Fidermak,  Director of Fleet Services
Julie L, Senior Accountant
Sadie T, AR Specialist
Bharti P, Staff Accountant
Amy K, Service Writer
Val S, Purchasing Assistant