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Type: Water Management
Make: MWS
Model: HydroPure
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HydroPure Details

Designed to maximize water recovery, the NEW HydroPure is now available in range 7 |8 |10 | 12.

Designed to maximize water recovery while minimizing footprint, HydroPure offers design flexibility.
Features & Benefits
  • Designed to maximise water recovery
  • Flocculant makeup and dosing station, on chassis or located remote
  • Automated control of sludge discharge and other major functions
  • Heavy duty 12f x 5f 2 Deck and 3 Deck Screenbox
  • Flexibility of design
  • Range of diameters to meet various flow requirements
  • Can be used to feed filter press via buffer tank or reduce volume of material going to pond
  • Standalone control panel or integrated into wash plant system control
  • Minimum Footprint