ST80T-LA Conveyor

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Type: Conveyors
Make: McCloskey International
Model: ST80T-LA Conveyor
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ST80T-LA Details

The All-Terrain Stackers blend the benefits of onsite track mobility with the high productivity of a radial conveyor, with the lift axle option allowing the stacker to switch from track mode to radial in seconds.
Dual Power and Electric available
On-site Track Mobility
900mm (36”) x 24.38m (80’) heavy duty main conveyor belt
Hydraulic folding frame for easy transport
Full safety guarding for pinch points
Fast on-site setup time (5 minutes)
36.5 kW (49Hp)
Transport Height
3.43m (11’ 3”)
Transport Length
15.75m (51’ 8”)
Transport Width
2.85m (9’ 4”)
12,500 Kg (27,500 lbs)
Stockpile Height
10m (32’ 10”)
Stockpile Capacity
1556m³ (2035 yd³)