SF80 Conveyor

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Type: Conveyors
Make: McCloskey International
Model: SF80 Conveyor
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SF80 Details

The SF80 Feeder Stacker is designed to allow operators to stockpile/transfer material while eliminating double handling of materials. It comprises of a large feeder hopper that transfers material onto an 80ft conveyor.

Also available in a Dual Power model, the SF80 and SF80R boost your operational fuel efficiency, reducing costs, and along with full electric models are perfect where environmental, legislative, or noise constraints are a consideration.

The unit can also be compacted for transport on one low loader for easy site to site transport.
Available in Dual Power
48" x 80' Main Conveyor Belt
13m³ Hopper Capacity of standard aggregates
Hopper extensions option to increase capacity
Straight forward hydraulic controls fold and unfold, raise and lower conveyor
Hydraulic tipping guard option available
Easy to use control panel makes operating the machine simple
Fully portable tracked unit with 4m wide tracks
100 kW (127 Hp)
Transport Height
3.4m (11' 1")
Transport Length
19.4m (38' 8")
Transport Width
3.2m (10' 6")
24,500 Kg (54,013 lbs) approx.
Stockpile Height
9.6m (31' 5")
Stockpile Capacity
25.4m (83' 6")